Same Time, Next Year

By Historic Edison Valley Playhouse - Agent (other events)

7 Dates Through Jun 23, 2018

Same Time, Next Year

by Bernard Slade

Directed by:  Steve Bartlow

Starring:  Jill Mesonas & Armand Marino

This romantic comedy tells the story of accountant George Peters and housewife Doris who meet at a Northern California inn in February 1951. They have an affair, and agree to meet once a year, despite the fact both are married to others and have six children between them.

Over the course of the next 24 years, they develop an emotional intimacy deeper than what one would expect to find between two people meeting for a clandestine relationship just once a year. During the time they spend with each other, they discuss the births, deaths, and marital problems each is experiencing at home, while they adapt themselves to the social changes affecting their lives.

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