The Curious Case of a Casual Terrorist

By Historic Edison Valley Playhouse - Agent (other events)

7 Dates Through Sep 24, 2017

The Curious Case of a Casual Terrorist

An original drama - Written and Directed by: Sudipta Bhawmik

 The play tells the intriguing story of Basant Adnani, a seventy-year-old Indian businessman, who was arrested by US law enforcement on terrorism charges. Basant was accused of supplying shoulder-launched surface to air missiles to a terrorist organization that wanted to shoot down passenger jetliners on American soil. He was found guilty by the court and was imprisoned for life. However, Basant really did not supply any weapons to any terrorist. The entire operation was designed to trap Basant into doing the wrong thing and the law enforcement declared this as a major victory in our war against terror. But, is this victory real? Was Basant really a terrorist, or just a bumbling old salesman?

(This play is a fictional dramatization inspired by a true story and real events. The play contains fictionalized scenes, fictional characters and dialogue, and time compression. The views and opinions expressed in the play are those of the characters only and do not necessarily reflect or represent the views and opinions held by individuals on which those characters are based.)

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